Medical Congresses

Current WorldWide Events:

Guangzhou (China) 01/03.07. CIAACE Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts and Post-market Services
London (UK) 01/02.07. Imbibe Exhibition of Beverage Industry
Prague (Czech Republic) 01/02.07. European Cardiology Congress
Valencia (Spain) 01/02.07. 7th World Congress on Control and Prevention of HIV/AIDS, STDs & STIs
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. Neonyt Global Hub for Future Fashion and Sustainable Innovation
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. PANORAMA BERLIN The Marketplace For Fashion and Lifestyle
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Show
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. SEEK Contemporary Fashion Trade Show
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. Selvedge Run Order Show for Men's Clothing, Outerwear, Denim Goods, Boots and Accessor
Berlin (Germany) 02/04.07. SHOW&ORDER PREMIUM Fashion Trade Show
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 02/05.07. Automation Vietnam International Industrial Automation Exhibition
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 02/05.07. Metrology Vietnam International Precision Measurement & Testing Exhibition
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 02/05.07. MTA VIETNAM International Precision Engineering, Machine Tools and Metalworking Exhibition & Conference
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 02/05.07. ToolTec Vietnam International Exhibition of Tools and Tooling Technology
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 02/05.07. WeldTech Vietnam International Welding, Surface Treatment & Joining Technology Exhibition
Moscow (Russia) 02/05.07. 16th European Congress of Psychology
Paris (France) 02/03.07. SpinExpo - Paris International Exhibition for Fibres, Yarns, Knitwear, Knitted Fabrics and Creative Machinery
Barcelona (Spain) 03/06.07. EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR MEDICAL ONCOLOGY 21st World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer
Barcelona (Spain) 03/06.07. WCGIC 2019 World Congress On Gastrointestinal Cancer
Paris (France) 03/04.07. Blossom Première Vision Fabrics and Accessories Fair
Prague (Czech Republic) 03/06.07. ECSS 2019 24th Annual European Congress of Sports Science - Sports Sciences in the Heart of Europe
Shanghai (China) 03/06.07. AMTS Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Material Show
Tokyo (Japan) 03/05.07. INTERPHEX Week Japan International Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Detergent R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo and Conference
Budapest (Hungary) 04/06.07. European College of Veterinary Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting
Madrid (Spain) 04/09.07. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Exhibition and Show of Spanish Fashion Designers
Pretoria (South Africa) 04/06.07. AERO SOUTH AFRICA Aviation Trade Fair
Seoul (South Korea) 04/07.07. KOREA BUILD Kyunghyang Housing Fair
Shenzhen (China) 04/06.07. FashionSZshow China International Fashion Brand Fair
Shenzhen (China) 04/06.07. Shenzhen International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Access Shenzhen International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories
Valencia (Spain) 04/05.07. 21st Euro-Global Summit on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
London (UK) 05/07.07. Just V Show Exhibition for Vegetarian and Vegan Food, Drink and Living
London (UK) 05/07.07. Love Natural Love You Food & Drink - Beauty - Health & Fitness - Home
Madrid (Spain) 05/07.07. FIMI International Fair of Children’s and Young People’s Fashion
Shanghai (China) 05/07.07. ISPO Shanghai Asia's Leading Sports Business Platform in the Summer Cycle
Shanghai (China) 05/09.07. Sports Tech Asia Exhibition
Barcelona (Spain) 06/07.07. Vape Barcelona Vape Expo
Hamburg (Germany) 06/07.07. Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon Sports Exhibition
Munich (Germany) 06/08.07. BIJOUTEX Trade Fair for Costume Jewellery and Fashion Accessories
Munich (Germany) 06/08.07. TrendSet International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle
Paris (France) 06/08.07. UNIQUE by Mode City International Trade Fair for Intimates, Beachwear and Sports
Paris (France) 06/09.07. INTERFILIERE Leading Trade Fair for Lingerie and Beachwear Fabrics
Glasgow (UK) 07/11.07. FEMS 2019 8th Congress of European Microbiologists
Guangzhou (China) 08/11.07. CBD International Building and Decoration Fair
Zurich (Switzerland) 08/09.07. 14th Euro-Global Gastroenterology Conference
Berlin (Germany) 09/10.07. ConCar-Expo Trade for Connected Cars and Future Mobility
Johannesburg (South Africa) 09/11.07. analytica Lab Africa International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics
Johannesburg (South Africa) 09/11.07. food & drink technology Africa Processing, filling, packaging and logistics
Johannesburg (South Africa) 09/11.07. IFAT Africa Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling: Solutions for Subsahara-Africa
London (UK) 09/09.07. LINEAPELLE London Leathergoods, Footwear and Leatherwear Preview Show
Milan (Italy) 09/11.07. Milano Unica Italian Fabrics Fair
Tehran (Iran) 09/12.07. Do-Win Tech Doors and Windows Technology International Exhibition
Tehran (Iran) 09/12.07. IRSE Iran Stone Exhibition
Tokyo (Japan) 09/12.07. Fooma Japan International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition
Istanbul (Turkey) 10/19.07. IFEXPO International Istanbul Underwear and Hosiery Fair
Shanghai (China) 10/12.07. ALUMINIUM CHINA Asia's Leading Trade Fair & Conference
Shanghai (China) 10/12.07. Lightweight Asia Lightweight Automotive Trade Fair
Singapore (Republic of Singapore) 10/12.07. OEA - Office Expo Asia Office Expo Asia
Bangkok (Thailand) 11/14.07. BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA International Organic Trade Fair and Conference
Bangkok (Thailand) 11/14.07. NATURAL EXPO SOUTH EAST ASIA International Trade Fair and Conference for Natural Products
Bangkok (Thailand) 11/14.07. TRAFS Thailand Food Equipment, Retail and Hotel Supplies Show
Chengdu (China) 11/13.07. CEF West China Electronics Fair West Show
Nairobi (Kenya) 11/13.07. compack kenya Packaging Expo
Seoul (South Korea) 11/13.07. KITAS Korea Smart Device Trade Show
Shanghai (China) 11/13.07. C-Medical Fair China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition
Chicago (USA) 12/15.07. IFT Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologists and Food Expo
Munich (Germany) 12/14.07. Supreme Kids
Basel (Switzerland) 13/17.07. 5th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Health care Management
Nairobi (Kenya) 14/16.07. COMPLAST KENYA Plastics Industry Exhibition
Vancouver (Canada) 14/17.07. STI & HIV World Congress
Munster (Germany) 15/20.07. FEPSAC 15th European Congress of Sport & Excersise psychology
Yokohama (Japan) 15/16.07. 23rd Global Annual Oncologists Meeting
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 16/19.07. iGB Live! Exhibition and Conference for the iGaming Industry
Munich (Germany) 16/17.07. VIEW PREMIUM SELECTION International Fabric Trade Fair
New York (USA) 16/18.07. SpinExpo - New York Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts and Post-market Services
Toronto (Canada) 16/19.07. WSAVA 44th World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress
Berlin (Germany) 17/20.07. WCBCT 2019 9th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies 2019
Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam) 17/20.07. Enertec Expo International Exhibition on Products, Technologies of Energy Saving and Green Power
Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam) 17/20.07. VIETNAM ETE International Exhibition on Electrical Technology and Equipment
Shanghai (China) 17/19.07. CHINA DIECASTING China International Diecasting Congress and Exhibition
Shanghai (China) 17/19.07. ESBUILD Shanghai International Energy Saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition
Tokyo (Japan) 17/19.07. 4K / 8K Technology Expo Ultra High Definition Expo Technology
Tokyo (Japan) 17/19.07. 5G / IoT Network Expo Mobile Communications Expo
Tokyo (Japan) 17/19.07. FOE Fiber Optics Expo
Tokyo (Japan) 17/19.07. VCOM Fiber Optics Expo
Melbourne (Australia) 18/21.07. AIFF Australian International Furniture Fair
Melbourne (Australia) 18/21.07. Decor + Design Exhibition
Tehran (Iran) 18/21.07. Iran Elecomp Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce Exhibition
Dusseldorf (Germany) 20/22.07. DATE Duesseldorf Accessories Total Emotions
Dusseldorf (Germany) 20/22.07. Gallery International Fashion Trade Show
Dusseldorf (Germany) 20/23.07. Supreme Women&Men Dusseldorf Luxury men's and woman's wear, accessories, shoes
London (UK) 21/23.07. Pure London The UK's Leading Fashion Trade Show
London (UK) 21/23.07. SCOOP International Fashion Shows
Munich (Germany) 21/23.07. Supreme Body & Beach Supreme Body&Beach
New York (USA) 21/23.07. MRket NY Menswear Industry Trade Fair
New York (USA) 21/23.07. PROJECT Contemporary Sportswear, Accessories and Footwear for Men Fair
Adelaide (Australia) 22/24.07. WINETECH / AWITE Australian Wine Industry Trade Exhibition
London (UK) 22/23.07. 14th World Congress on Healthcare & Technologies
London (UK) 22/24.07. 32nd European Neurology Congress
New York (USA) 22/23.07. U.S. Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS U.S. Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS
New York (USA) 22/24.07. China Textile and Apparel Trade Show China Textile and Apparel Trade Show
New York (USA) 22/24.07. Home Textiles Sourcing Home Textiles Sourcing Expo
New York (USA) 22/24.07. Liberty NY Fashion and Lifestyle Fair
New York (USA) 22/24.07. Texworld USA The largest apparel fabric show in North America
Kiev (Ukraine) 23/26.07. Leather & Shoes International Specialized Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Fur
Paris (France) 23/27.07. XVIII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf
San Francisco (USA) 23/24.07. IBWSS International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show
Sao Paulo (Brazil) 23/26.07. FIEE International Electric, Electronic, Power and Automation Industry Trade Show
Hanoi (Vietnam) 24/26.07. VIETWATER Vietnam's Official Water and Wastewater Industry Show
Jakarta (Indonesia) 24/27.07. RETAIL INDONESIA International Retail Technology, Equipment, Display and Storage Exhibition
Kyoto (Japan) 24/25.07. World Congress on Fetal and Maternal Medicine
London (UK) 24/25.07. JACKET REQUIRED LONDON Menswear Tradeshow
Melbourne (Australia) 24/25.07. 29th World Diabetes & Heart Congress
Shanghai (China) 24/26.07. TPF Digital Printing International Digital Printing Industry Fair
Singapore (Republic of Singapore) 24/26.07. PrintPack+Sign Tradeshow for the Print, Design Packaging and Signage Industry
Sydney (Australia) 24/25.07. Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo
London (UK) 25/27.07. 34th Euro-Global Summit on Cancer Therapy & Radiation Oncology
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