Who We Are

TTI was established in 1989 as a privately owned and independent enterprise. Founders of the company have been active in the field of tourism since 1977, which allowed a lot of knowledge and experience to be incorporated in the business.

Efficient and well prepared travel packages, with equal attention paid to groups as well as to individual needs and preferences, together with permanent quality control of services, give us opportunity to fulfill our aim – careful and tailor-made assistance to clients and commercial partners. Personalized and professional handling with maximum care for groups as well as individuals is always our top priority.

TTI is registered by the Ministry of Trade Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia with licence OTP 38/2020 category A20 and is a member of the National Association of Travel Agencies YUTA as well as Serbian Association of Travel Agencies UTAS.

What We Do

We are mainly specialized in MICE outgoing field of tourism, particularly organizing travel to different congresses, fairs, exhibitions and all kinds of special events. Our travel programs concerning business events worldwide are available not only for the Serbian market but also for the worldwide requests.

Other than offering all kinds of outgoing programs, we also offer services in Belgrade and other parts of Serbia. If you are planning on visiting or have your business partners travel to Serbia we will do all in our power to make sure our passengers’ stay is an enjoyable one. Beside our basic offer: transfers, sightseeing tours, competent and multilingual guides, interpreters, hotel reservations, airline tickets, rent-a-car, special tours, incentives, we are also able to provide other services on your request. Tell us what you need and we will be there to offer you an optimal solution.

If you are looking to organize any kind of business event in Belgrade or anywhere else in Serbia, we are able to provide different types of meeting, exhibition, congress, fair or any other purpose facilities that you may need. We can help you organize events, big and small both, with equal care. If you need any special contacts in the field of business you are working in, or need organization of multimedia presentations, local assistance and simmilar, look no further – TTI Belgrade travel agency is your reliable partner!

Feel free to contact us with your request and we will get back to you with our offer.

Our Team

TTI team consists of experienced members who are always willing to meet your needs in an optimal way providing you with the maximum quality at reasonable prices. Our core employees are based in Belgrade, while there is a whole network of cooperatives and representatives worldwide that make the support team:

General manager and leader of the team is Ms Iva Zdravković